Rebuild Ready Business Support Program

Surety Bond Associates, in partnership with The Enterprise Center, is the Rebuild Ready Business Supports Program consultant. Made possible by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax, Rebuild Ready’s initiative is to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to improve parks, recreation centers, and libraries in neighborhoods across Philadelphia.

The Rebuild Ready Business Support Program is designed to provide interested Philadelphia businesses with education and support to prepare for upcoming Rebuild projects and build their capacity in the process. Often, these businesses face barriers that make it difficult to work on public works projects.

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Rebuild Ready will help small Philadelphia businesses:

  • Become certified and registered as a minority-owned (MBE) or woman-owned business (WBE) through the Emerging Vendors Program
  • Meet Bonding and Insurance Requirements
  • Access to Capital and Financing
  • Understanding Bid Processes and Managing Cash Flow
  • Technical Assistance and Back Office Support
  • Access to Rebuild projects

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