Bonding Assistance Programs

Surety Bond Associates has developed a Bonding Assistance Program Model that is designed to eliminate the barriers M/W/S/DBE and veteran owned contractors face when trying to access the financial resources required to compete in the construction marketplace. Overall contractor success is cultivated by developing M/W/S/DBE and veteran owned contractors into marketable entities from a contract surety and lending perspective, thereby increasing their bidding capacity.

Contractors participating in Surety Bond Associates’ Bonding Assistance Program will leave with the essential tools and skills that eliminate the obstacles that are created by poor financial planning, enabling them to compete in the construction marketplace. Project owners achieve significant savings that naturally stem from procuring construction services from smaller, local firms.

Surety Bond Associates Bonding Assistance Program provides:

  • Construction surety training
  • Contractor prequalfication
  • Technical assistance
  • Access to surety bonds and surety escrow products
  • US Small Business Administration’s Surety Bond Guarantee Program
  • Project Funds Control
  • Collateral Guarantee Fund
  • Access to professional services (CPA firms, construction lawyers, estimating, and more)
  • Access to working capital loans
  • Creation of opportunities for M/W/S/DBE and veteran owned contractors

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