Trading Assistant Bonds

As a consumer safeguard, many states now require eBay Trading Assistants to be licensed and sometimes bonded as Auctioneers, Pawnbrokers, Secondhand Dealers or Motor Vehicle Dealers before listing and selling consignment items for a fee.

In order to become an eBay Trading Assistant, eBay also requires Trading Assistants to comply with all laws that govern consignment sales, including becoming licensed and bonded when applicable. In addition, Trading Assistants not licensed as Motor Vehicle Dealers may not list vehicles on eBay without a Motor Vehicle Dealer’s license and require the vehicles they list are part of their business inventory.

Trading Assistant Consignor’s Indemnity Bond

eBay’s phenomenal success makes it a huge target on the Internet. The problem is that eBay’s buyers and sellers who wind up the victims. While unsuspecting bidders are the main prey of the scams, eBay sellers pay an additional price in the general loss of trust that drives away buyers.

This perceived lack of trust also impacts Trading Assistants. Many consignors do not feel safe leaving their expensive merchandise with Trading Assistants or their employees, for fear it will be stolen or not returned if unsold.

eBay Trading Assistant Consignor’s Indemnity Bond protects Trading Assistant’s consignors against fraud or dishonest acts of the Trading Assistant’s employees. Trading Assistants also receive protection against employee theft and embezzlement. Small companies can be especially hard hit because they can’t afford extensive safeguards and do not have the financial capacity to absorb the losses caused by employee theft.

Benefits of Trading Assistant Bonds:

  • Improve Trust
  • Reduce Fraud
  • Legitimize Your Business
  • Comply with eBay and Licensing Laws
  • Ensure Safety With Your Online Consignment Auctions
  • Secure Consignor’s Merchandise
  • Attract More Valuable Consignment Merchandise
  • Protect Trading Assistant’s Assets
  • Increase Profits
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